I’ve Still Got It

This past weekend the Handsome Hermit and I took a lovely motorcycle ride to Deer Park — a kind of interactive mini-zoo with a variety of animals that range from exotic to farm. If I can pet goats, I’m there. Petting baby camels is definitely a bonus. So, we walked around, fed animals and watched people that should have had their own exhibit. After a great visit, we were heading towards the exit, where we had to pass a long run filled with different kind of birds. And that’s where it happened…

I was aggressively propositioned by a very large male turkey. This guy was strutting back and forth, feathers all puffed up and butt fan fluttering this way and that. He kept his beady little eyes on me and was making this pfft sound as he was doing all of this. I could totally picture him with heavy gold chains hanging around his neck, framed by his shirt that was unbuttoned just a little too far and asking me, “Do you come here often?”

Looking to the Handsome Hermit, I asked him if he was jealous or in any way threatened by this manly specimen putting the moves on me right in front of him. Dead serious, he said that there was no way he could possibly compete with such a delicious looking fellow and would never stand in the way of true love. I can’t decide if that statement makes him adorable or a big jerk. The jury is still out.

I had to tell the strutting Thanksgiving dinner that I was flattered, but I had a good thing going with the Handsome Hermit. Not to mention that we were on our way to a restaurant where odds were good that I was going to order a distant cousin of his, preferably battered and deep fried. He seemed to take it well.

But I tell you all of this, to prove this simple point: I’VE STILL GOT IT.