Evolution Failure

I am not Nature Girl. I tend to avoid sun exposure because of my red hair and fair skin, and then avoid anything that makes me sweat because I’m ultimately lazy. But recently I have gotten a little lesson on birds.

A pair of killdeer have made a nest in the driveway at the Handsome Hermit’s compound. Four speckled eggs are sitting in a small depression, surrounded by rocks and about 6 blades of grass. Have you heard about these idiotic birds? Not only do they make their nest on the ground, among rocks, but their idea of protecting their unborn is to run away from the nest and act like it has a broken wing. Has evolution completely overlooked this bird? How do they manage continue their existence on this earth?

Always one to cheer for the underdog, I’ve become fascinated by these dumb birds. I’ve named them Shirley and Vern and go out to check on them at least once a day. Vern is very vocal and likes to yell at me when I come within his range of vision. Shirley is the drama queen that does the broken wing act and it never fails to make me laugh. I have no idea how long it takes for those eggs to hatch, but I have a hobby until that happens. I’ve already picked out their baby names: Eenie, Meenie, Minee and Moe.


One thought on “Evolution Failure

  1. Update: Three of the four eggs hatched and those birds were off and running. In under 24 hours the nest was abandoned and the whole family had moved on. They didn’t say good bye or even thank us for looking out for them. I received no closure and I’m slightly bitter about it.


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